Crocheted Straw Cloche

Crocheted Straw Cloche

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Here is a unique wedding hat that was inspired by the Roaring 20″s Flapper ear.
A few days ago I was watching an older English series on Netflix which was set in 1920’s England called Tommy and Tuppence, Partners in Time. Although I haven’t designed any hats from this period, I was struck by the most beautiful cloche hats the actress playing Tuppence was wearing. I can’t tell you the series was exciting, but the hats certainly were.

Using white straw and crochet stitches, I made this cloche and added French veil and a feather and flower pad.

I hadn’t used my hat shaper in awhile, but for this project it came in quite useful to size and shape the crown.

This is how it looks when finished. Forty years ago I taught myself to crochet from a how to book, while pregnant with my daughter and living in Newfoundland Canada. I wanted to make really cute baby clothes at that time, and my husband was working off Goose Bay on a drilling rig and was not home very much. While nurturing the life inside me, crochet and knitting my baby clothes kept me quite busy and calm.

I first made a rosette of white French veil and attached that to the hat. Then I made the flower and feather pad by curling natural white biot feathers and hand made a white organza flower with pearl stamens.

This would be a fun little summer cloche or a cute simple wedding hat.

Fun to wear and so cool!

Simplicity and comfort are the key.

I didn’t add feathers and veil to this one, just white ribbon and an organza flower.

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  1. Belinda Meier
    | Reply

    Would you please let me know what brand of straw you used and whereyou bought it? Thank you!

    • Linda
      | Reply

      I took a straw hat apart and then crocheted it with the material.

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