Steampunk Victorian Trilby Style Hat Pattern

Steampunk Victorian Trilby Style Hat Pattern

For the past several weeks I have been putting together hat patterns combined with complete step by step photo tutorials. With each design I have added as much difference in detail as possible. This new perch hat has trilby style and flair and it is entirely different than any of the other Steampunk Victorian hat patterns I have now offered for sale. My purpose of this particular style was to offer two brim styles in one pattern.

From this view the two hats look exactly the same design and from this side they are.

Why perch style hats? It is because I can add far more detail in helping you make your hat than working on full hat patterns. To offer a full head hat I would have to design three hats in sizes instead of one. This would not allow me to add the amount of photos and step by step detail that I do.

From the front you can now see the difference. The one on the left has both sides turned up and the size of the brim is equal on each side. The one on the right has the same brim shape on the right side, but the left side is smaller and turns downwards a little so that flowers of other decoration can be added. Now the hat looks completely different.

From this angle you can see the real difference in the brim styles.

If you would like to see more about these two hats, please visit these two blogs

The hat pattern is now available for a charge of $19.95. It includes the pattern pieces and a step by step photo tutorial.

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